Today is my due date and so far nothing is happening!  I can’t really say that I am surprised but so many people had told me that they felt this baby was going to come early that I started to believe it (or at least hope for it!).  I have had several phone calls and texts over the last few days saying “well……….?” and every time I phone my Mum she panics and jumps into action mode!

I am feeling quite prepared now for our new arrival and I am determined that this time around I will be in control.  After watching Channel 4′s One Born Every Minute on Wednesday, I was truly inspired by Charlotte (the midwife who gave birth to baby Rose).  I just couldn’t believe how glamorous she looked whilst in labour!  Her hair looked lovely and her make-up was flawless and that made me wonder how possible it is to look glam in labour.  Don’t get me wrong, my first priority is getting the baby out safely and after my last labour experience I know things don’t always go to plan.  But I can’t help thinking that it would be nice if this time I could look yummy and in control.

Maybe this does stem from the lack of control I felt during my last birth experience?  I had planned a nice calm water birth and genuinely believed that after a very straightforward and uncomplicated pregnancy, then the labour would follow suit.  Yes, I now know that I was quite naive, but anyhow that was not what happened.  When we arrived at the hospital, I didn’t even mention the birthing pool – I was so preoccupied with just getting it over and done with.  After 40 hours of contractions I reached the fully dilated stage and started pushing. And I pushed, and pushed and pushed (for 4 hours) before I was taken to theatre for an emergency caesarean.  The combination of Lola’s back-to-back position and the cord being around her neck several times meant that she was stuck fast and no amount of pushing was moving her. 

She was born at 2am and after I had been sewn back together I was taken to her, I fed her and then we fell asleep.  We never even thought to take that first photo of us and it wasn’t until my family arrived later in the day that photos were even taken.  I think this makes me even more determined that this time I WILL get that first mum and baby photograph.  And if possible, it would be nice to look even a little bit okay in the picture!

Lola on day 1

I have been making a special effort for the last week to put on make-up every day.  And I have even tried to delay taking my face off at night incase the labour was just about to start!!!

Well anyway, watch this space and hopefully the next blog post will be introducing the newest member of the Skeanie family!

Mel’s First Blog Post!

A bit about me… 

I suppose a good place to start would be to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am called Mel and currently have one daughter, Lola, who is 17 months old.  I am married to Tim and we are shortly (in less than 1 week eek!) expecting our second child, gender unknown. 

If you follow Skeanie on facebook or twitter you may already know a little bit about me and Lola and if you start to follow our new blog too then you will, no doubt, soon know more than our nearest and dearest!

How I came accross Skeanie 

I suppose it was a coincidence really that I came across Skeanie just as Lola was taking her first steps.  I had been researching (or rather googling) about the best time to buy shoes and started to learn about the benefits of soft sole shoes for children.  At the same time I was asked to help out doing some social media for a children’s shoe brand from Australia which was soon to be launched in the UK and the more I learnt about Skeanie the more I got hooked.

The idea behind Skeanie is that children benefit from being barefoot as often as possible.  We know that this is not always possible particularly as children begin to walk and play outside regularly.  Skeanie shoes offer the next best thing to barefoot by being flexible and breathable and they look great too!

How the blog is going to work

Well, the idea is that I will regularly post on the blog things that I think you may be interested to read.  This will include general things that happen in my family life but also more specifically things related to child foot health which I encounter and feel would be good to share.  I am also hoping to invite posts from guest bloggers who will include expert podiatrists and people with professional knowledge of child foot development and also other great mummy bloggers who I come across on my Skeanie journey.

I would love to know any suggestions you have and any positive or negative feedback, feel free to email me mel@unitedbrandmanagement.co.uk

Toasty Little Tootsies!

Here is my daughter admiring the new Skeanie Winter Boots at my clinic in Hackney London, Holistic Health.

Just looking at these little boots makes you feel cosy! We were lucky enough to get our hands on some at the beginning of winter and the girls have barely worn anything else since. The lining is made from the softest fur which keeps their feet toasty and warm, even on the coldest days. The shoe is crafted from delicious, soft leather which has proved durable as the girls have been wearing them for a couple of months and the boots still look and feel as gorgeous as ever.

SKEANIE Winter Boot Review



“The Skeanie Winter Boot is the perfect solution for those chilly months when little ones need warmth and protection, as its ultra soft leather, malleable sole and snug fit around the ankle still allow for the benefits of going barefoot. Barefoot walking develops muscles and ligaments of the foot, increases strength of the foot’s arch and improves awareness of where we are in relation to the space around us. ” 

 - Tracy Byrne, Podiatrist

5 Reasons Why Barefoot is Best For Kids

1. Little feet need to feel the ground beneath them in order to improve balance and proprioception

2. Walking barefoot strengthens the muscles and ligaments of the foot

3. Kids who spend more time barefoot have less risk of injury and foot problems later in life

4. 70 per cent of foot problems later in life are caused by ill-fitting shoes worn in childhood

5. While learning to walk, barefoot tots will keep their head up more, as they don’t need to look at their feet, allowing them to take in more of the world around them!

By Tracy Byrne: Podiatrist, Children’s Foot Specialist and Mother of Two